Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Day in Rural India

Today, (Wednesday) found us heading out of Vizig toward a rural area for some sight-seeing and visiting of a small rural church.   We were a party of about 15 persons in a mini-bus, including local (synod) officials and AELC leaders.    Contrary to some weather predictions that had us facing possible rain and gale force winds, we had a glorious, mainly sunny day.

The Araku Valley area is one of the most scenic areas in this part of India--high, forested hills, terraced farmland, the Borra Caves--and free-range MONKEYS!   "Do not tease the monkeys," is a sign one doesn't see in Moorhead, MN.

On our way back to Vizig we stopped for a brief time of prayers and meeting at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, a mission outpost that reflects many of the ways we do mission outreach in NW MN.   First, the fledgling church has a "mother" church in Vizig--"churches starting churches."   Second, the plan is that as the congregation expands--which looks likely--the current small worship building will become a parsonage, and a new edifice will be built.   Third, these folks are aware of their mission field.  In addition to the local folks--many of whom are "tribal" people, they are on a major highway toward the Araku Valley scenic they hope to reach out to tourists.   Sound familiar to those of you in NW MN?

The welcome was warm, the singing memorable, and the post-worship meal was great, with some fried chicken that was out of this world.  

Now I must sign off in order to get ready for an overnight train ride to our next destination.   We are doing well, seeing lots, and making some wonderful new friends.

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